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Welcome to Bangladesh. A country very different from anything else you have ever traveled through. A land of greenery, honest and hospitable people and very safe to travel throughout. Bangladesh is still considered off the beaten track for most tourists. You may find yourself the only tourist in many of the villages and hamlets when you are traveling outside of the main cities. Here, you can explore the beauty of Bangladesh, before the secret gets out.

For a number of years, I have had the opportunity to help many foreign tourists. I have assisted more than 3000 travelers from many different countries. (Please see the page no. 172 of Lonely Planet “Bangladesh” Guide, 7 th edition to know about me)

I have found that tourism has not yet developed in Bangladesh, the way it has in many neighboring countries. There is only one guide book and little accurate information available for people coming here to visit. As a result, some tourists face varying difficulties in organizing their journey through Bangladesh. Precious time can be wasted in Dhaka, trying to arrange visits to tourist locations.

So, in an effort to help people who have an interest in coming here for a holiday and, to explore some of the less touristy regions (and there are many), I decided to uphold myself as as travel helper. My motto is “help budget travelers to see this beautiful country with minimum cost or hassles”. I will dedicate myself only for the backpackers.

My policy is a commitment to honesty and integrity and; I am sure that you will not find yourself regretting having made the decision to come and explore this un-spoilt country .

I am ready to help you through :

- Help to get any kind of customized package tour for any number of tourists, any duration.
- Book & Buy Rocket Steamer ticket.
- Find a family to stay in Dhaka.
- Hiring a Car in Dhaka.
- Finding an English speaking guide for your initial days or whole trip.
- Arrange Hotel Reservation Letter for visa purpose.
- Book Bus/Train/Launch tickets.
- Making your travel itinerary.
- Any kind of travel advice
- T 20 World cup cricket 2014 accommodation help.
- Experience Bangladesh culture and heritage help.

The above help is FREE OF COST. No need any service charge. You just pay the exact cost.

To help the travelers to enjoy Bangladesh, I have some plans. If you are adventurous, I think you will like those plans.

I am only an e-mail away from answering any queries you may have. You can call me to my mobile : 017 14044498.

Just contact me to let me know your needs.


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